Aluminium Sheets for roofing

Aluminium sheets

1. Easy installation
Aluminium sheets are really easy to install – all you have to do is cut the sheets to size & fasten to the roof trusses. This can save you time, money & energy.

2. Lightweight roof sheets
Aluminium is incredibly light in comparison to other sheets. This makes transportation much easier & doesn’t add much weight to the overall building structure. Click here to know more about aluminium sheet suppliers in India.

3. Strong
Aluminium has a great strength to weight ratio of any metal, even superior to steel. This makes it an incredibly a strong material, which combined with its lightweight makes it a great material.

4. Aluminium roof sheets are corrosion resistant
Aluminium is corrosion-resistant, & unlike other metals, does not rust or corrode, even in highly industrial or corrosive environments.

5. Energy saving
Aluminium reflects the sun rays, that means in the summer the building will remain cool, despite increasing temperatures outside. It also helps maintain the heat inside the house in the winter, reducing heating costs & saving energy. To know more about aluminium sheets visit aluminium sheet dealers in India.

6. Environmentally friendly
Aluminium sheets used for other things can consist of up to 90% recycled material, meaning it’s the perfect choice for those environmentally conscious.

7. Robust aluminium roof sheets boast longevity
Aluminium alloy roofs can last up to 30 years, perhaps even longer, so although the initial cost may seem high, it is a long-term investment. Other sheets may only last 10-12 years, so replacing these up to 5 more times will inevitably add costs on to the initial price.

8. Malleability
Aluminium sheeting is much more malleable than the other similar metals, meaning that it can be easily moulded into different shapes. Find out here some leading aluminium sheet stockists in India.

9. Aesthetics
Aluminium sheets can often be very aesthetically pleasing, giving a modern, contemporary look to your project. However, they can also be coated to provide a range of different finishes.

10. Safety
Aluminium sheets are non-combustible & non-flammable, & their superior strength combined with a great energy absorption level means that they have a higher resistance to denting than other metal sheets, which makes them safe against fires & falling objects.

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