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Automotive applications do not have the luxury of being pressurized, so panels need to be stamped from higher-strength alloys having a thickness typically greater than 1,000 microns (0.040 in.). AA5182 is used throughout the body structure, along with other grades from the 5XXX family. Although this grade provides the good strength, it is not possible to use for skin panels because it is prone to stretcher-strain marks or Lüders lines, which print through a painted surface. Click here to know more about aluminium sheet supplier in Chennai for automotive.
Products formed from the 6XXX series are not plagued by these visually unappealing features & have the added bonus of getting stronger when processed through a paint-curing cycle. This characteristic helps increase vehicle exterior denting resistance. Typical alloys from this family have additions of 0.75% Mg & 0.75% silicon (Si).
The SI addition is important to the properties of 6XXX alloys, but is an un necessary impurity in 5XXX alloys. This makes 5XXX with 6XXX grades incompatible for recycling together & leads to costly manufacturing scrap segregation. To get around this, some companies have chosen to use 6XXX series for both exposed & unexposed panels, even though they will probably pay a price premium compared with the 5XXX series.
High-volume vehicle manufacturers have the ability to negotiate restricted chemistry ranges to allow for easier recycling streams, which aids in their business case to switch to aluminium from steel in their vehicles’ body construction. Click here to know more about aluminium sheet dealer in Chennai for automotive.
One of the things working in steel’s favor as a body material choice is that it has three times the elastic modulus of aluminium alloys. This means springback will be one-third that of aluminium for the same design at the same sheet metal thickness.
Steel stiffness also is greater by a factor of three. To compensate for the lower stiffness, aluminium panels need to be thicker than a similar steel panel. This negates some of the weight advantage aluminium has over steel & further increases the panel cost.
While using a thinner aluminium sheet, it is necessary to use a higher-strength grade. That’s where the 7XXX series is starting to make some inroads. This increased strength is the reason Apple is switching to 7XXX series aluminium from the 6XXX series used in the iPhone® models associated with “Bendgate.”
Historically, these grades were not used in automotive applications because they lacked sufficient ductility to be formed into complex shapes. Within the past year or two, some 7XXX alloys have been commercialized that have higher formability, & many automakers are evaluating their use in future models. Click here to know more about aluminium sheet stockists in Chennai for automotive.
Nearly every military vehicle & airplane has contained aluminium from the 5XXX & 6XXX series for decades. These “military grades” are not significantly different from conventional grades used for many years in lower-volume, higher-end passenger cars. Recent regulations on fuel economy & emissions have positioned these grades for an increasing number of applications on a wider spectrum of mass-market vehicles.

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