How Aluminium Sheets are used for making Aircraft

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Aluminum alloys recognized by a 4-digit numbering system. The first digit gives the alloy group & the others the alloys that are present in the mix. Below we have compiled a list of the most commonly used aircraft aluminum alloys & their respective properties. To know more about aluminium sheets used for aircraft visit aluminium sheet supplier in Jaipur.
Heat Treatment
The use of Copper (Cu) & Zinc (Zi) in an alloy with aluminum changes its properties in such some way that the alloy is hardened as well as softened with the help of heat. The follow temper designation is indicated by a letter-number combination following the alloy numbers.
Temper Designation
The most common temper designations we find are T3 & T6. T3 is solution heat-treated & cold-worked by the flattening process. T6 is also solution heat-treated but artificially aged.
Every alloy has its own properties depending on the composition of the alloying elements, for example 2024 alloy has 4.5 % Copper (Cu), 0.6 % Manganese (Mn) & 1.5 % Magnesium (Mg) added. 6061 has 0.25 % Copper, 0.6 % Silicon (Si), 1.0 % Magnesium & 0.25 % Chromium (Ch) added & 5052 is 2.5 % Magnesium & 0.25 % Chromium. Aluminium sheet exporter in Jaipur is one of the leading exporters of aluminium sheets required for aircraft.

Mechanical Properties
The mechanical properties of an alloy are an important factor in the decision where to use it during construction.

This is the most common of the high-strength aluminum alloys. It has high grade quality used in aircrafts. 2024-T3 aluminum sheet is thought of as the aircraft alloy because of its strength & it also has excellent fatigue resistance. Welding is not recommended. Basically, uses for 2024-T3 Alclad aluminum sheet are fuselage & wing skins, cowls, aircraft structures, & also for repair & restoration because of its shiny finish (2024-T3 Alclad). Its ultimate strength is 62000 PSI with a shearing strength of 40000 PSI. To know more about other grades of aluminium sheets used in aircraft visit aluminium sheet dealer in Jaipur ( Plus Metal ).

Aircraft manufacturers uses high-strength alloys (principally alloy 7075) to strengthen aluminum aircraft structures and other aerospace equipment’s. Aluminum alloy 7075 has Copper (1.6 %), Magnesium (2.5 %) & Zinc (5.6 %) added for ultimate strength, but the copper in it makes it quite difficult to weld. On the other hand, it anodizes really beautifully. 7075 has the best machinability and it will result in a very nice finish. Ultimate strength is 33000 PSI (-0) & 82000 PSI (-T6) with a shearing strength of 22000 PSI (-0) & 49000 PSI (-T6).

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