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7075 T6 aluminium sheet

Alloy 7075 aluminum coil & sheet have been & remain the baseline standard with a good balance of properties required for aerospace applications. 7075 aluminum is among the highest strength alloys available & used in highly stressed areas. Corrosion resistance & machinability are valued as fair, however the addition of chromium provides decent stress-corrosion cracking resistance in 7075 aluminum sheet products. As with alloy 2024, alloy 7075 is available in basic form or in clad ("Alclad") to offer even more protection from corrosion. To know more contact 7075 T6 aluminium sheet supplier.
The main alloy elements of 7075 is Zn, to add Mg alloys containing 3% -75% zinc, can form the strengthening effect is remarkable MgZn2, make Zn aluminum alloy heat treatment effect than the binary alloy. Improve Zn, Mg content in alloy, tensile have to be to further improve the hardness, but its resistance to stress corrosion & spalling corrosion with the decrease of the ability. After heat treatment, can achieve very high strength characteristics. These materials are normally used to join to discuss copper chromium alloy, etc.

The7075 T6 is praised as the most excellent products in aluminum alloy, high intensity, far more than mild steel by 7075 T6 aluminium sheet dealers. The alloy with good mechanical properties & the anode reaction. It is mainly used for aerospace, mould processing, machinery & equipment. Jig, especially used in aircraft manufacturing structure with high intensity & other requirements, strong corrosion resistance of high stress structure.

Performance advantage of 7075 aluminum sheet
1. Passed the weapons & equipment quality management system certification certificate authentication, provide the original factory warranty, in areas such as aerospace, military industry, mold is widely used, can rest assured purchase.
2. After eradicating stress processing will not deformation, warping, all 7075 super ultra-thick aluminum plate by ultrasonic detection, can assure no sand holes, impurities, high heat conductivity of 7075 aluminum plate, can cut the molding time, improve work efficiency.
3. Even in natural aging, 7075 T6 aluminium sheet can reach a fairly high intensity, & low sensitivity to crack.
4. The heat affected part of welding, due to solidification during heating, can be restored to strength after natural aging, so as to improve the strength of welding seam.
5. Good physical performance, good process-ability & corrosion resistance, high strength can be obtained by aging hardening.

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