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Uses of Aluminium sheets in various Industries

Transportation Aluminum Sheet is used in transportation because of its high strength to weight ratio. Its lighter weight which means that less force is required to move the vehicle, leading to great fuel efficiency. Although aluminum is not the strongest metal, alloying it with other metals helps to increase the strength. Its corrosion resistance is an added bonus, eliminating the need for heavy & expensive anti-corrosion coatings. Click here to know more about  aluminium sheet suppliers in India . While the auto industry still relies mainly on steel, the drive to increase fuel efficiency & reduce Carbon Dioxide emissions has led to a much wider use of aluminum. Experts predict that the average aluminum content in a car will increase by 60% by 2025. Construction Buildings made with aluminum are almost maintenance free due to aluminum’s resistance to corrosion. Aluminum is also thermally efficient, which keeps homes warm in winter & cool in summer. Add the fa