Uses of Aluminium sheets in various Industries

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Aluminum Sheet is used in transportation because of its high strength to weight ratio. Its lighter weight which means that less force is required to move the vehicle, leading to great fuel efficiency. Although aluminum is not the strongest metal, alloying it with other metals helps to increase the strength. Its corrosion resistance is an added bonus, eliminating the need for heavy & expensive anti-corrosion coatings. Click here to know more about aluminium sheet suppliers in India.

While the auto industry still relies mainly on steel, the drive to increase fuel efficiency & reduce Carbon Dioxide emissions has led to a much wider use of aluminum. Experts predict that the average aluminum content in a car will increase by 60% by 2025.
Buildings made with aluminum are almost maintenance free due to aluminum’s resistance to corrosion. Aluminum is also thermally efficient, which keeps homes warm in winter & cool in summer. Add the fact that aluminum sheet has a pleasing finish & can be curved, cut & welded to any shape we want, it allows modern architects unlimited freedom to create buildings that would not be possible to make from wood, plastic, or steel. To know more about different types of aluminium sheets visit aluminium sheet stockists in India.
The first building in which aluminum alloy sheet was used was the Empire State Building in New York, built in the year 1931. Today, aluminum is regularly used in the construction of high-rise buildings & bridges. The lighter weight of aluminum makes it easier, faster & more suitable to work with. It also helps reduce other costs. A building constructed of steel would require much deeper foundations due to the added weight, which would drive up construction costs.
Although it has just 63% of the electrical conductivity of copper, aluminum’s low density makes it the best option for long distance power lines. If copper was used, support structures would be heavier, more numerous, & more expensive. Lastly, its corrosion-resistance helps protect wires from the elements.

In addition to power lines & cables, aluminum is used in motors, appliances, & power systems. Television antennae & satellite dishes, even some LED bulbs are made of aluminum. To know more applications of aluminium sheets visit aluminium sheet dealers in India.
Consumer Goods
Smartphones, laptops, tablets, & flat screen TVs are now made with an increasing amount of aluminum. Its presence makes modern tech gadgets look sleek & sophisticated while being light & durable. It is the perfect combination of form & function which is critical for consumer products. More & more, aluminum is replacing plastic & steel components, as it is stronger & tougher than plastic & lighter than steel. It also allows heat to dissipate quickly, keeping electronic devices away from getting overheated.


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